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Personal Learning Networks

by Sue Schnorr on April 19, 2011

As an instructional design consultant, check I’m the first to say that learning occurs in the classroom. Yet, link learning happens informally as well.  By happenstance.  On the job …  Often!

It’s no surprise that an extroverted instructional designer like me, who got her start in sales, carrying a bag, gravitated toward “networking” and “collaborating” and “reaching out to colleagues.” It has helped me build my business.  Let’s be real. Especially given the recession in the last few years, networking has helped me stay in business!  It has also helped me stay current and to learn about the latest trends and technologies. Call it what you like, but the value in having a network shines through, however you position it, whatever you call it, and whether or not you like it!  

Yes, networking has helped me grow my business, but I love it because it enables me to learn. I’ve owned my instructional design firm since 1995, and I have to say that probably the only thing I truly and sorely miss about corporate employment is having colleagues down the hall, who, on a moment’s notice, would let me brainstorm with them, bounce ideas off of them and learn with them.

I’ve posted several “how to” articles on collaborating and networking. In today’s post, I’m sharing a site that provides resources for building your personal learning networking with web 2.0 tools.  It’s called Creating a PLN with Web 2.0 Tools and it was created by Michelle Bourgeois, Colleen Glaude and Katie Morrow.

While it’s not the newest resource out there, it’s still accurate in what is noted. I particularly like how it’s laid out in terms of Appetizers, Main Courses, Side Dishes and Desserts! There’s also a neat presentation to walk you through building a personal learning network.

I’ve learned so much in the past couple years about building my own personal learning network and this site encapsulates much of that learning. Take a look and let me know what you think. What value have you received from your personal learning network?

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