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Are You Building Your Personal Learning Network?

by Sue Schnorr on January 13, 2014

Thanks to Jane Bozarth, shop for sharing this with article me – Givers, order takers and matchers: How Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) change the way we see our work.

Jane, capsule if you don’t know her, calls herself the world’s oldest millennial. I call her the Queen of Social Media in Learning! Jane is an important person in my Personal Learning Network. You might want to check out her book: Social Media for Trainers – Techniques for Extending and Enhancing Learning. If you don’t have time to read her book right now, you might want to check out her facebook page. It is chock-full of daily tidbits of helpful information. Jane’s facebook page is Social Media for Trainers. She does an excellent job of sharing ideas for utilizing social media for use in corporate training.

Meanwhile, back to the book that the article refers to – it is by Adam Grant and it is called Give and Take. Take a minute to check it out. I highly recommend it. I consider myself a giver. I believe that networking and building a Personal Learning Network is paramount to being successful in today’s workplace.

Another GIVE: Here’s a tip for you. Are you using iPads in training? Have you looked at PDF Expert? It’s an app for the ipad that you use in classroom training. Rave reviews from participants who can take notes on their iPads, highlight and then easily access key information after the session! Take a look!

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